Ordinary Truth

Truth, that which cannot be simpler.  Truth, that which is so ordinary, open and alive most of us miss it every moment of every day for our whole lives.  Very few are awake to it, even fewer write about it and even fewer than that teach it.

This is my attempt at the writing.  I wanted to start something that showed pieces of truth in everyday life because throughout my own awaking that is one side of the process I couldn’t find.  The one piece I wish someone had written about to help guide me through to the other side.

Ultimately, of course, no one can hold your hand through this process.  You have to go inward and come out the other side on your own, but every once in a while, its helpful to have a comforting hand to hold.  Sometimes a little reassurance can be enough to get you further.

Here, I hold out my hand to you for you to take hold of when you need it.

May you have the courage to complete the last journey your “you” will ever take.

Ordinary Truth

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