Anyone who has ever been on the spiritual path knows what it is like to be a ‘seeker’.  Always looking for the key to unlock the “gateless gate” to enlightenment or awakening.  The funny thing is, once you get through that gate is when you realize that it wasn’t there to begin with.  You never needed to waste all of that time looking for the key.  Truth is simple and it’s usually when we stop looking and seeking that it becomes clear.  Find the silence within you, that is where the truth is waiting for you.  Many people will take this as an invitation to meditate and with meditation usually comes the desire or personal will to stop our thoughts.  There is no need to stop your thoughts.  The silence is there always.  Go to it and wake up.

“I can’t believe that this stuff isn’t obvious to everybody.  Truth doesn’t need to be sought because it isn’t lost.  It’s not at the end of some path waiting to be discovered.  It’s not the result of practice or growth or learning.  Truth is everywhere at all times, never absent, never distant.  Truth isn’t the tricky thing,  it’s the simplest thing there is.  In fact, truth is that which can’t be simplified further.  Possessing the ability not to see truth, now that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  In fact, I would never believe it was even possible if I hadn’t done it myself for thirty years.”  Jed McKenna

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