Summer Solstice

[tweetmeme]Season’s change. Spring turns into summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and the cycle continues. To look into what it is to be alive means to also see cycles within ourselves. Once we begin to recognize these cycles we can begin to see how the universe works and what life really is. Most human cycles come from our conditioning. Things like how we grew up, circumstances we’ve encountered and what we’ve been taught are some of what make us who we think we are. But what is all of this really? We grow up learning to label different things as good or bad, pretty or ugly, happy or sad. Those however, are just opinions, just beliefs. Opinions and beliefs that come from how we grew up, circumstances we’ve encountered and what we’ve been taught. It doesn’t mean we are right. However most people walk through life thinking that their opinion is the right one; that their opinion matters. But does it really? Just about everyone has an opinion. Who is right? If you look deeply into your opinions (or beliefs) you’ll find that most of your suffering comes from holding on to an opinion or a belief that you think is right. Something as simple as, “I hate it when it snows” can cause suffering. The opinion here is ‘snow is bad’. With that opinion comes suffering. Instead, realize the opinion for what it is, just a belief based on past circumstances or what you’ve been taught. Let it go and stop the cycle of belief and suffering.

On this day of the summer solstice try taking a moment to look at the cycles in your own life. Take a moment to see where suffering arises and what belief is behind it. Ask yourself, “is this opinion or belief really true?” or is it just something that is based on a past experience or what you’ve been taught and have never questioned? Recognize your opinions and your beliefs for what they are, let them go and open yourself to the universe. Open yourself to life.

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