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In being awake you realize your connection with everything around you.  You realize that you ARE everything around you and everything around you is you.  It is all one.  There is nothing more simple.  There is nothing outside of you.  There is nothing separate.  There is just one and you are it. 

Once this is realized, all there is left to do…is play.

All One


The only thing that separates the death of a leaf in the fall and the death of you is your thoughts.  Do you weep in the fall when the leaves turn colors, wither and then fall to the ground?  No.  Instead most of us view this as a beautiful scene.  We are no different.  We too are seasons.  We live.  We pass away.  To live is to die.  To die is to make room for new life.  The only thing that separates the death of a leaf and the death of you is your thoughts.



Today was rain; beautiful, chilly, humid Spring rain.  As I sit here looking out at the woods that surrounds my house, leaves on the trees broadening and blooming, birds bathing and mosquitoes swarming I have to wonder, when the rain lands on my arm where do I end and where does the rain begin?  When it lands on me and soaks into my hair and skin it becomes part of me.  The rain is me and I am the rain.  The rain is you and you are the rain.  Let the duality fall away. It is only an illusion.