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Every now and then I jump on the blog circuit to see what’s out there when it comes to ‘Spirituality’, “God” or “Enlightenment”.  Most of the time that look is quickly ended with me shaking my head and giving a side-lined grin and a tip of my hat to the strength and cunning of delusion.

Today my search ended with a blog post by a woman who was now certain that there was no God because her cat died.  I hear this type of thing often.  Now, to preface this, I’m not saying that there is a “God” out there either because the problem with the modern-day idea of “God” is that it’s been so misused and distorted.  What people, like this woman with the cat, think God is is what is getting in the way.  Any idea of what you think God is…is wrong.  It’s wrong.  It’s a belief and no belief is true.  What this woman with the cat is upset about is that her ‘idea’ of what she thinks God is was challenged.  Her thought-up God didn’t rise to the challenge so instead of questioning her thoughts, ideas and beliefs on the subject she just dumps the whole thing altogether.  My cat died.  It’s not what I wanted to have happen.  There is no God.

The lesson here?  If you are upset that something didn’t happen the way you thought it should happen, then it’s your misunderstanding and no one elses.  It’s up to you to question your beliefs behind it because it’s your beliefs, your thoughts and your ideas that are keeping you from knowing the truth.  You are standing in your own way.  It’s as simple as that.


Truth…is right in front of you.  There is nothing to search for and nowhere to go.



The only thing that separates the death of a leaf in the fall and the death of you is your thoughts.  Do you weep in the fall when the leaves turn colors, wither and then fall to the ground?  No.  Instead most of us view this as a beautiful scene.  We are no different.  We too are seasons.  We live.  We pass away.  To live is to die.  To die is to make room for new life.  The only thing that separates the death of a leaf and the death of you is your thoughts.


Forget About It

Every once in a while I head to the internet with the sole purpose of checking out what information people are putting out there in regards to spiritual enlightenment and waking up.  I last did this about a week ago and the trend I found has stuck with me since then so I figured it was time to write about it so  I could be done with it and move on.

The trend basically included this: “If a person says they are enlightened then they are not enlightened.”, and/or ” If someone says that everyone is already enlightened but they just don’t realize it yet then that person is not enlightened”.  <sigh>

If you are traveling around the web and find these statements forget about them because once you get hung up on wording like this you’ve only hindered your own eyesight.  Words are incredibly insufficient in describing the truth, in fact, they can’t describe the truth.  It’s impossible.  Even the word enlightenment is a poor substitute for the real thing.

So don’t get hung up on how something is worded.  Forget about it.  Wake up yourself…then it’s incredibly easy to tell whose got their eyes open and whose still sleeping.


It’s interesting to sit back and observe what goes on in this world when it comes to death.  So much of what happens centers around a fear of it, yet so much is done to facilitate it.  Many strive for more organic food, free of pesticides and GMO’s yet the companies who produce these continue to do so, without much protest.  Many work to lengthen life by taking toxic medications that only work to ultimately make them sicker.  The decision is usually to pop a pill instead of getting to the root of the problem.  People smoke, do drugs and drink, knowing it’s not good for them and could ultimately lead to death.  The list could go on and on.  There is this great fear of death yet so many of our individual and collective actions only bring it on more rapidly.  It’s a curious thing.

What is it about death that frightens us so much?  Many people I know claim to be Christians and believe there is heaven to look forward to in death.  So why the fear if heaven is such a wonderful place?  Other people I know are struggling and suffering greatly, whether it is from financial worry or from health issues etc..  Wouldn’t death then serve as a relief?  Freedom from that suffering?  For me, it used to be the fear of leaving my kids without a mother.  It was that attachment that kept me in fear, as I’m sure it does with others.  We don’t want to let go of this life we were given, for whatever reason.  After all, it is a blessing.

One of the things that waking up does is remove fear, not just fear of death, but all fear.  Once you step back from it and look in its amazing that anyone can truly live an authentic life while surrounded by it.  Fear holds us tightly caged.  Freedom comes when we move through the fear and come out on the other side.  Of all fear, the fear of death is a biggie; the most foreboding of all fears for most people.  When you awaken that fear slowly (or for some quickly) fades away.  It can be said that waking up is like a death, but not a physical death.  It’s the death of ego.  The death of all that is false, taken place by what is true and in truth there is no fear.

This doesn’t explain, however, why there is such a fear of death yet the human race does so much to perpetuate it.  When I look out from the perspective of the truth it would seem as if we all know, even before awakening, that truth exists.  The human desire for death (usually subconscious) could be that the truth is trying to tell us something.  Not that we should die a physical death, but that we should allow our “selves” to die, while living.  This is freedom.  This is freedom from fear.  But because we are so wrapped up with what is going on around us we don’t take enough time to stop and look at this and we should.  Not looking at this is what creates the confusion.  It’s not our physical death we are pushing toward, even though it seems that way, because that is the only death most understand, but instead it’s a desire for the truth to surface.  In order for that to happen there needs to be a death of self, a death of separation, a death of ego, a death of the false with a birth into the truth.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.  But here we have it.  The caterpillar makes its cocoon and when it re-emerges it is a butterfly.  The caterpillar didn’t die.  It’s life is still intact.  The only difference with its transformation is that now it has wings to fly.  And how beautiful is it that we were given this perfect example within nature to observe what death in life looks like.  All we need to do now is listen and learn from that example.  Let your ‘self’, your ego, be the one to die and you too will gain the wings to fly.


[tweetmeme]I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately say that you need to face your fears.  When I hear this it reminds me of a story I was once told.  Let’s say you are stuck down at the bottom of a well in the dark with a monster (your fears).  There is someone up above yelling down to you and telling you to face the monster, telling you to face your fears.  You face the monster time and time again.  You feel brave and courageous because you are facing the monster head on.  The problem with this is that you are still stuck in the well.  As long as you stay down in the well the monster will always come back in one form or another, always.  So why don’t you just climb out of the well?  Climbing out of the well into the light is where freedom is.

Fears are illusions.  They are created in your mind based on past experience and conditioning.  Instead of staying in the well, miring around with your fears and the monsters that haunt you, realize them for what they are and climb out.  If the person at the top of the well is someone who is telling you to face the monster instead of throwing you a rope to climb out I would highly question their expertise in the matter because, most likely, they are stuck in their own well.

I’ve talked about this before and a common response is usually something along the lines of, “fear can be beneficial” or “fear can be used to move us into action”.  Perhaps this is so, but when you realize your fears for what they are and climb out of the well you come to a place where action moves from a much more powerful and effective place.  You realize quite quickly that the benefits you thought you gained or the action you were moved toward was nothing compared the this new found fearless space.  It doesn’t compare.

Come and see for yourself.  Don’t believe me.  Try it.  Climb out of the well and be free.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  There is, quite literally, nothing to be afraid of.

Un-Learn what is Un-True

A big part of waking up consists of shedding what we think to be true.  We tend to take things for granted and we don’t question what we’re told, not unlike children who are told that Santa Clause delivers presents down the chimney on Christmas Eve.  Ever since you were born you were told things such as, you are a girl, you are a boy, you are a person, that is a dog,  you are a human being on the planet Earth.  If you go to church perhaps you are told that God created you, that you will go to heaven if you worship Jesus or that you will go to hell if you forsake God.  The list of examples, of course, goes on and on and on.  How many of you question what you are told?  And why do you trust and believe those who tell you those things?  For whatever reason, most of us, at some point, lost the ability to think for ourselves; to make our own discoveries about what is true and what is false.  Is it easier to just blindly follow the herd?  Are we too preoccupied with other things to bother?  Do we just find a definition we like and settle down there?  I’m sure there are many reasons, but I’m not here to figure out why.  I’m just here to help you wake up.  It starts with un-learning what is un-true.  What is un-true?  What is true?  How do you know if you don’t question it?  Start questioning everything.  That’s a good place to start.