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In Between

The space in between

the mundane and

creative manifestation

lies a simple

and ordinary truth.



Innocence is just one of the keys to seeing clearly and awakening from your dream.  Look at everything with curiosity.  Look at everything with new, fresh eyes.  Let reality in.


A Lesson in Flow

In life, there are days when it seems everything goes in it’s own direction, whether we like it or not.  Plans fall through and unexpected things happen.  Our illusion of control can make times like these frustrating.  But when we realize that it’s life itself that is in control, it’s easy to let go and go with the flow.  I recently had a day like this.  It felt like life was pulling me in every direction but the one I thought I was headed in.  At first I was caught up in the frustration of it, fighting it.  Then I remembered it wasn’t me who is in control of it all. I was then able to let go and go with it.  No resistance.  It turned out to be an exciting, unexpected and incredibly flow-filled day, despite the fact that none of it was what I had planned.  Instead of being upset that nothing was “going my way”, I was incredibly thankful for the reminder to let go and go with the flow.

Today, remember, let go.  Go with whatever happens, without trying to control it.  You may just be incredibly surprised and joyfully thankful.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you, ‘In Blue’, artist of the blog Make Believe Boutique, for the ‘Beautiful Blogger” award.  The same gratitude and thanks go to all who visit this humble blog.


Award recipients are asked to:

  • Thank and link to their nominator.
  • Nominate 6 other blogs, link to them and send them a comment letting them know.

The 6 blogs I nominate are:

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Enjoy every moment of your day, as this moment is all there is.

It’s Everywhere and It’s that Simple

When you are awake, you see the truth is everywhere, in everything.  Nothing was ever kept from you.  Nothing was ever hidden.  It’s that simple.

It’s in the pine cone you just walked past.

It’s your dog or your cat taking an afternoon nap.

It’s apple pie that just came out of the oven.

It’s there during family game night.

It’s there when you meditate (and even when you don’t).

It’s everywhere.  All of the time.  You just need to stop and look.  It’s that simple.