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No Thought Needed

I’m currently in the process of selling my house.  We just had an offer on it this week, and it was a pretty good offer, given the state the housing market is in right now.  My realtor came over last night, very excited, with papers in hand.  We looked through them and she explained a couple of the sections that they had added to or altered.  She handed me a pen, expecting me to sign that second.  She was smiling.  I took the papers, gave her back her pen and said that I would call her in two days.  She didn’t get it.  She could not understand why I wasn’t jumping on this and selling the house that very instant.

When I first fell onto the enlightenment wagon there was a quote by Jed McKenna that I used to use as my mantra for a while.  It was, “Things come into a certain alignment, patterns emerge, rightness is perceived, and the clearly indicated course is followed.”.   In addition to that, he says something along the lines of, “if the answer isn’t indicated, then I don’t do anything”.   This was one of those times and even though I hadn’t considered this quote in a long time it instantly jumped into my awareness.  I needed to sit with this and wait for an indication of “rightness” or “wrongness”.  I needed to feel the current flow.  My realtor left, perplexed.

Today, by noon (even though I have another 24 hours before I have to give them an answer), I was getting text message after text message asking me what I was going to do.  Hurry, hurry, hurry, now, now, now, as if the universe would cave in on itself if the answer did not come in that very hour.   

I sat back in my chair, took a deep breath and … my answer was no.  We are not selling the house today.  Not because we don’t want to move, not because they were pressuring us for a decision, not because of any reason other than that is the answer that is indicated.  That’s it.  No thought needed.  Nothing cognitive necessary.  The indicated answer is simply just that, what is indicated.

The realtor I am using is, luckily, a friend of mine, so she tries very hard to understand, but 99% of the time, people just don’t.  After all, I have the perfect place lined up to live, winter is coming and I would no longer have to deal with my LONG driveway and the snow, the house we’d move into is in the perfect location, on a lake, just 10 minutes down the road, next door to my daughter’s best friend and closer to the kids schools.  Not to mention, after the end of this month it is no longer available to rent.  Every sign, if looked only on the surface or through thought, says we should sell…now. 

But the answer is no and who am I to question it?  I don’t know why it’s ‘no’ and maybe I never will, but I trust it.  This is one of the things that takes some getting used to in the whole awaking gig.  Trusting the universe over your meager little thoughts.  Surrendering.  It gets easier to do the more you do it but it can be a scary thing.  All I know, is that when I listen to that indication, eveything turns out more beautifully than I could have ever imagined. 

To quote Jed one more time, “I want what’s best and I trust the universe, not my little brain, to be the judge of what’s best and how best to make it happen.”.

No thought needed.